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The best pizza in Norwich

Authentic, Italian wood-fired pizzas made to our exacting standards with the finest ingredients

Back in 2012, Eric changed his garage into a bakery to refine his recipes and find the perfect dough. After weeks of relentless experimentation, he hit the jackpot. Overnight, the Donnelli’s pizzas you now know and love today were born. Eric took to the road with his new dishes, selling out at festivals and other events time after time.

Soon, Eric’s pizzas were spotted by the likes of the UAE, French, Italian, New Zealand and British national equestrian teams, who implored him to jet-set and attend their events and serve his delicious authentic Italian pizzas to their teams and entourage.

Eric realised he was on to something special, and the Donnelli’s Pizza brand was born. Today, Donnelli’s serves an ever-increasing loyal customer base in Norwich, Norfolk, who appreciate the very best authentic pizzas. Such is demand, that an exciting opportunity to become a Donnelli’s franchisee is now on the cards, too.

Donnelli's Pizzeria

Meal Deals

Florence Pizza - Donnelli's Pizzeria

Small pizza + a soft drink: £9.99

Sorrento Pizza - Donnelli's Pizzeria

Small pizza + a beer or 125ml glass of wine: £10.99

Messina Pizza - Donnelli's Pizzeria

Small pizza + a glass of Prosecco: £11.99

Florence Pizza - Donnelli's Pizzeria

Large pizza + a soft drink: £12.99

Sorrento Pizza - Donnelli's Pizzeria

Large pizza + a beer or 125ml glass of wine: £13.99

Messina Pizza - Donnelli's Pizzeria

Large pizza + a glass of Prosecco: £14.99

Donnelli's Pizzeria

The finest authentic ingredients from Italy

When you eat our pizzas you know you’re getting the very best. Almost all our ingredients are all sourced and supplied all the way from Italy from trusted suppliers who we know will always deliver the very best, guaranteeing the same great standards and authentic taste, every time.

Make no mistake – the proof is in the proving

Our dough is freshly prepared on-site and proved for a minimum of 16 hours (both made at certain temperatures and then proved through various stages and temperatures thereafter), unlike many pizza restaurants who receive their dough frozen to their restaurant. Our attention to detail and proven method guarantees a crispy base and crust, every time.

All our pizzas are diabetic-friendly as standard

The local Diabetes UK Norwich and District Youth Group worked with us to organise a pizza making class here at Donnelli’s, which was an awesome morning helping to teach children and families how to carbohydrate count and adjust the dose of insulin accordingly every time they eat. The verdict? They were bowled over with the results are were delighted to write us a wonderful letter to that affect.

Donnelli's Pizzeria

The Highest Standards

For our trademark authentic taste – every time – we import our tomatoes, flour, pancetta, Milano salami, bresaola, spicy sausage, mozzarella, buffalo cheese, and more, all the way from Italy.

Donnelli's Pizzeria

Venue Hire

We provide private venue hire for any occasion in the heart of Norwich. Donnelli’s combines a modern setting with unique authentic atmosphere and charm, plus the personal attention your event deserves.

Pizza Making Classes

We run fantastic, fun and memorable pizza-making classes from our restaurant in Norwich for groups of 10-20. It’s the perfect day out for any occasion, be it a gift, team building exercise or anything else!

Become a Donelli’s Pizzeria Franchisee

Franchise opportunities are available across UK and Ireland for a proven, profitable business. If you you have the ability, passion and drive needed to lead your business and team from the front, then look no further.

Raw Pizza Dough - Donnelli's Pizzeria

Got your own pizza oven?

Order your own Donnelli’s dough straight to your door and have your own pizza party!

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