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Diabetic-friendly pizzas

We’re proud to say that the hard work and care that goes into our pizzas to make sure they’re of the highest quality and a healthy, balanced meal, has been officially recognised by the wonderful Jenny Lind Children’s Diabetes Team at the Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital, Norwich and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH). We were delighted on 6th Sep 2018, to receive the wonderful letter below from them.

“Pizza can be great when you have Diabetes; the mix of slow release Carbohydrate slowed even more by the fat and protein based toppings gives you a meal that provides a long duration energy release. Donnelli’s own recipe doesn’t use sugar in the mix, normally required to get that yeast going; instead they just prove the dough for longer, all night in fact. This provides not only a benefit to glycaemic index but a balanced healthy meal.

We’re grateful here at the Jenny Lind Children’s Diabetes team to Donnelli’s for hosting a Pizza making and Carbohydrate counting session at their restaurant. This was organised by the local Diabetes UK Norwich and District Youth Group. It was an awesome morning. Its a big part of our role to teach children and families how to carbohydrate count and adjust the dose of insulin accordingly every time they eat. This, of course, is only one aspect of their complicated daily routine but it was great to be able to make some of the in depth education fun. Thanks Donnelli’s :-)”

Jenny Lind Children’s Diabetes Team, Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital, Norwich and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH)

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